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Oct 8, 2009

Mostly Men's problem

Is losing hair whenever they have reach certain age in their life. Not sure about the reason and causes why mostly men were affect of losing more hair then women, whenever they reach their 50's. I asked my husband about these thing, because his older brother were having the same issue too but he is not on his 50's yet.

My husband shared what happened to his older brother case. He says that during their younger years his brother has a much volume of hair and he does not. After the teenager stage, he started to lose his hair for some reasons they could not explain. Until now, this brother has a bald spot that you can even see that there were no hair growing on that portion. His brother lost the chance on growing back the hair for a long time.

I shared to my husband the information that I gathered online about the hair loss products. He might want to try it and gives back the volume of his brother's hair. His brother is still on his 40's but absolutely struggling of the losing hair. I can also give this articles about loss hair in order for him to give back the confidence that he needs to have. Where these website gives you him hair loss treatment reviews. I hope this will really works out for him. And I can't wait to see the effect to his brother's hair recovery.

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I guess everyone goes through the same phase of losing hair slowly. There are a lot of different factors affecting it, but mostly it's old age. There are a lot of hair growers available out there, maybe they can try using it.

I agree that men are usually the people that lose the most hair. However, recently I have noticed a lot of women are suffering with the same problem.

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