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Oct 2, 2009

Hot Coco

Since I was in Philippines , I really love the coco or we known as tablia. Something that is from a fruit and they grinned it for mixture on rice as champorado or chocolate rice whatever you call it. As the weather is starting to get chilly in our area, I was thinking of making a hot coco, which given to me by a very dear friend in CA.

She gave me so many Filipino stuff and foods or seasoning and I would grateful for that. At least even if I don't used it all at once, I still have something that reminds me of home. And one of them was this cocoa or tablia.

Made it in a casserole but unfortunately, my husband doesn't like it. Good at least I enjoyed the rest of it.

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hmmm... missed champorado tuloy. hehe.

Looks absolutely delicious~ Will be great in the cold winter weather :)

Oh, is this like a chocolate rice porridge? That food is good! I love the sweetness from the sugar and of course, the chocolate. :D

Why does hubby hate it?

I haven't tasted this coco before, but I love the regular one - your picture makes it look very tasty :)

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