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Oct 8, 2009

Gift from my in laws

This is from my in laws and this is the very first gift that we opened after the wedding reception. I didn't took a shot on how it was wrapped because we opened it at my mother in law's house. It was really so early in the morning, to open this because my hubby's brother's family are living soon due to a ball game.

We got small to big photo frame, which is absolutely gorgeous plus 2 pairs of towels which one has a stripped and plain pink color.

It was really nice, Jeff and I loved it.

8 freaking comments:

Great. Just some of the quinetessential things you need in starting a family. Your in-laws really know what to give. :D

beutiful, dear
and happiness to u and JEff

have a nice weekend

I love it the color of your blog´s design...cute...

hey nova..can u update my link?

wow nice presents from in laws...
beautiful sis...
ang bait naman ng biyenan mo...

by the way i subscribed this site via email and also fave you in technorati hope you can do the same thanks.....

wow cute naman.

wow cute siya...

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