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Oct 22, 2009

Finally Arrived my Baby Powder Box

After so many request and waiting. The parcel that I have been waiting finally arrives. YES. I needed that not only for myself but also for my incoming baby.

Don't worry, I know exactly how to prevent giving asthma to a baby. This parcel is from CA, well originally all the way from Philippines.

As I couldn't find a powder box here anywhere. I requested my sister in law to buy one for me and just send it to me. Whenever they are going to send something to his father which is in CA. Being patience enough pays everything...

6 freaking comments:

sis, i brought mine all the way from the Philippines. Howdie?

ako due date yads kay ig dec 21 puhon kung dili magkinaunsa :-). baby boy diay ang ako nya iya name will be Raphaƫl. imoha unsa ang gender? i think baby girl no kay pink man kaayo imo mga gamit. lemme know kung sakto ako guess ha

oi duna koy dkny watches. i'll give u a discount sa shipping, pramis :-)

hello nova, its beem a while! preggy d i ka? ill grab your badge ha.. tc

Getting ready for the baby!

Wow! baby girl diay na novs kaayos oi wala jud ko girl na lalaki ra tawon ako isa, hehehee congrats sa baby novs ayos imong baby powder oi..thanks sa visit..

@avee: true sis, we have to buy it from our native land, kasi we can't really find it here, anywhere...

@francine: I'm having a baby boy francine, don't know any names yet though but we are figuring it out...i asked my husband to pick out two first name since i want it to have my maiden name as the baby's middle name.

@ruby: thanks girl for the visit, i do hope to keep in touch with you...

@gorgeous mom:yes we are really ready for the baby...

@Norms: te norm's nope, we are expecting a baby boy... lol husband is so happy and excited since it would be the first grandson his mom will have.

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