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Oct 25, 2009

Books to read after giving birth

After visiting in the center, they gave me books which isn't really that thick about what would you expect after giving birth. Which is good, having your own kids, isn't that simple as you think when you are just babysitting your niece o r nephews.

It would be a great idea to know things and how to deal the first year you have your baby with you. I won't have my mother to help me with all this things since, she's too scared to fly by herself all the way from the Philippines. I do understand that, and since Jeff's family is super supportive I'm sure they will not going to leave and would help me as much as they can.

I have decided to read the first month although it's been 4 more months before my due. But the earlier the better right?

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nag andam naka imo baby shower yads? sa amo diri way oso baby shower lolz. unya ra ang celebration kung gawas na ang bata sa tiyan. oi, sultei jud ko name sa imo bebe ha. murag panahon karun sa baby boy ba kay ako mga kaila nga buntis puro sad baby boy nya osa ra ka fren ang dunay baby girl :-)... for sure excited na kaayo ka diha. nindot feeling no mahimo parent :-)

good for u sis. basaha jud aron you'll learn more.

@francine: mao jud.. ambot lang kay akong inlaw ug akong usa ka fren baye man ilaha gisabak.. hehehe na excited mo lang excited naman gani ko kanang mulihok ra sya sa akong tiyan unsa nlng kaha ug kanang ninggawas na jud... wa pa jud sige lang ignan nya taka ug unsay among napilian nga name ha?

@lynn:mao lagi, pero ang uban too early pa basin ug makalimtan. may ning ninggawas na jud aron inig tug sa baby duna tay basabasahon

oist before i forget, up na diay ako online store here

wow ate I'm so happy for you! na eexcite din ako sa thought na ilang months na lang certified mommy kna.=)

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