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Sep 23, 2009

Work Rangin

I just want to share how I really don't like one of our supervisor at work. She's kinda bitch and mean. I mean. I really hate asking other people if I don't have any idea. But when you are on time probation, the least you can do is ask for someone's help. She's a girl who not been admire with other as well. Instead of helping others and at least trying to sound your willing to help, she won't do that. As if she's irritated at me over something? She's a bitch! I tell you that, mostly CSR doesn't like her. Neither do I! I kept praying that when I called a Sup, it won't fall into her call.

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Take it easy girl. :)
Office life is never complete without a total pain in the butt like her. Don't worry, she'll regret the bad things she did to you someday.

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