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Sep 28, 2009

WE All had a busy week

Last week, I wasn't be as active online as the usual, because we have activities on the weekend. Everyone in the family is busy to accomplished each task. The wedding reception that my mother in law gave for us is finally fast approaching.

Every member of the family has part as well as the relatives. I have to finished my wedding tags printed and attached it to my wedding favors. I'm excited at the same time exhausted because it is not really easy to multi tasking especially when you are pregnant.

The busiest day was really Saturday morning, when everybody is preparing for the big occassion.

3 freaking comments:

musta Nova girl busy life?

Wow, who's getting married? Are you getting married? Well, whoever that is, congratulations guys! :)

kaslon mo otro day? or reception lng jud cya? im happy for you for having a baby boy..miss u mwah!

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