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Sep 21, 2009

Shut Up! and Listen

Okay, I am not going to rant something about me here. Instead, I would like to share what I have observed here in US since the very first day that I got here. I didn't have any culture shock at all, because I am an open-minded person who observe and slowly adapt the environment. Take note, the environment around me. A little bit of the culture and some traditions but I would never exchange the virtues, values, culture and tradition I have known and raised. And I am only speaking on the observation that I had. I am not trying to offend other and won't judge them as well.

Okay, why my title is SHUT UP! AND LISTEN? Because mostly people here or kids don't even listen to their parents. Or elder siblings, I don't really like observing it and it crust my heart. Why can't older siblings talk or educate their younger siblings? Why can't parents be super strict when it comes to educating their children? Those are just some questions in my head that kept bothering me.

Maybe because I was raised differently the way these children were raised. I couldn't stand this kids /teenagers here. The kind of lifestyle they choose and they way also they don't listen to those people who care and love them.

I do hope and pray that someday, SOMEDAY this teenagers/kids would realized what they just missed and wasted. BUT THEN AGAIN, HOPEFULLY THEY WILL REALIZED IT.

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ganyan nga raw diyan sis. sa culture na talaga nila yan siguro. we can't do anything about it i guess but respect them that way na lang siguro.

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