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Sep 24, 2009

Officially Gone

After restarting my firefox as it just closes for some reason. I do find that my PR is totally gone. Yes, I feel devastated now, what should I have to do? That's one of my source of income. I thought I won't be affected by it. But I am. Funny huh!!! Oh well, never lose hope. Just keep blogging then. Well see if I can earn it back. If not, we will see what would be the next step.

7 freaking comments:

you still make money madam do not worry...

don't worry sis, at least napahimuslan jud nimo siya taman. lol. but i know the feeling, been there too.

cheer up!

hOW DID YOU MAKE money with it ba Novs? PR update naba? Hmmmm.. ma check nga mga blogs...

Change blogs or add blogs ka, I have lots now but more for adsense than paid posts reasons.

Have a blessed Sunday!

same here.. and im pretty sad about it... dunnow if i can raise it back, or i was penalized.. =(

Aww... sorry to hear that.
Just keep on blogging. Continue becoming active on the web. Maybe your PR will return, and higher than ever. :)

HI I am aure it will get back to normal, maybe it is just temporarilly. It should not be connected with your firefox.
Anyway, bet wishes, I hope everything will return to normal.
Thanks also for visiting and leaving a thought on my site.
You are always welcome.

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