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Sep 5, 2009

My back is killing me

That is true, recently that is the most common pain I am experiencing with this pregnancy. Aside from the heartburn a little bit of headache, as well as the nauseated. That is the main problem or shall I say physical symptoms that I am battling with.

It annoys me so much because the nature of my job is where I sit all the time. I could stand for a while but has to site back in order to deal with the computer. With the headset on it is just uncomfortable for me.

I can't wait for this pain to over. What annoys me much is that no matter what I have to do. The pain won't go away. Oh well except if I'll lay on my stomach. Which I won't do because I'm squeezing my baby.

3 freaking comments:

Well in that case, it's just natural that you’re having a problem carrying your baby in your womb. Just take a little bit sacrifice and after all of that you'll be having a wonderful baby. Good luck

hi mommy nov's hope you will get rid the bain pain your dealing with now. I haven't experience it when I was pregnant.

ana jud ng buntis sis, daghan batiun. get well soon.

niwey, got a tag for u...

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