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Sep 14, 2009

Jicama or Singkamas

This is one of my favorite fruit eversince I was in Philippines. It is not really expensive there because we grow them on the farm. The weather has it temperature to grow such fruit as this one. I could seldom bought this in store because it is really expensive and they sold it by pounds. But I loved it a lot. This two pieces causes me for at least $6.00 a little bit expensive but it is worth it.

3 freaking comments:

oi, buti u found one there. mingaw na ko singkamas. hehe.

Two jicamas for $6? That's too expensive... And judging from this photo, they don't look that big either. Hopefully they're delicious though. :)

ah grabe kamahal diay sa singkamas dra day oi..

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