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Sep 4, 2009

Insurance is important

Although I was working in my hometown before, I didn't realized on how important insurance is. Especially the one for health. Because we don't know on how long are we going to stay and have a healthy body. I also used to pay cash when I visit doctors and good thing that inspite of my work days I only got a migraine illness. That is why I am not paying too much attention about insurance before.

But everything changed, when I move in US. I just realized that we really need insurance here. Aside from everything is not cheap. You will be in debt if you pay cash when you go visit a doctor for just a physical examination.

And mostly companies do offer private insurance when a person got a full time job. My husband got his health insurance but it is not quite enough for a family. Even if I am working, but only for a part time, they won't offer you an insurance. So we really need to find a private insurance that caters for the whole family.

I search online where I could find more information on what would be the best health insurance for us. Until I found kaiser health insurance. They have the most affordable and lowest monthly deduction as far as I have known for. Immediately, I told my husband about the insurance. And he'll make a call to their customer service rep. to get more details about the benefits and advantages of this health insurance. They also offer in certain areas like kaiser permanente Northern California.

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Lucky for you that you got good private company because we never knew when come bad thing happens. It is very important and will also benefits you lot.

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