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Sep 17, 2009

I need to get rid of that numbers

I need to get rid of that numbers who kept calling our home telephone number. I did not know where they get my number but it is very very annoying that they keep calling back. I don't answer the calls at all and waited for the answering machine to let them leave some message. This kind of callers is pretty much aggravating because even though we are sleeping at night. They would not mind to call our home phone number over and over and over.

I do not want to spend money to keep these numbers be blocked, because not matter what I do, there are still thousands of frank calls or callers who keep calling our home phone. Whether it is new or old. So, after my days off from work the only thing that I keep browsing and searching is where I could find a great website to see or track these numbers and know what particular part of the State they are located. And out of the hours I spent online I finally found this great website on how resourceful they are when you Trace Phone Numbers. It is not just one resource but aside from that, they also have other complaints track on the number so the next time that these numbers call in my home phone I would not mind wasting my time. If you do have the same problem as I do, why don't you try tracking this phone numbers through to save more time on answering this non-sense calls.

1 freaking comments:

use "that" or "this" when you point to one object. use "those" or "these" when you point to many objects.

therefore, i think what you mean to say is that you have to get rid of THOSE numbers, not THAT numbers.

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