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Sep 9, 2009

I need a new phone

Recently, I thought I am just find with the motorola phone my hubby gave me during Christmas. Actually it is his old phone, I don't mind it because I've been telling him that I don't mind getting phone here in US since, I don't know anybody here where I'll be going to exchange text except for him and his family.

But, as the month passes by, I have decided to buy a used or a second hand phone where I can use more than just texting. My Philippines roaming phone is really upgraded since it is Nokia 70. I need a phone that I can use while browsing and since I do have unlimited text and sms messages I can send picture in my emails and to everybody else who I know from work.

Anybody who has any idea where I can find great deal and cheap used or second hand phone? Or maybe suggestion? I would certainly appreciate that.

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halo day.. i just done reading all of your new posts here.. ga post pud diay ka mga ads dri day abi nko sa super nova nga blog raka ga post mga advertisement.. dri rako permi ga visit kay ganahan ko dri its about ur life although gina alternate nimo ang mga ads.. na miss pud bya nako to atong hang up at jollibee then tan aw cine bisan naa paka work.. hehe excited nko makakita sa imong future baby day morag naa pa jud ko dri by the time nga mag uli mo dri..

UU, sa duha na nako ka blog ko naga post about myself sometimes about what happened here day, need to earn extra moolah ,aron inig uli puhon dunay ikagasto ug hopefully nga makatabang2x pud kos gastuhon dre sa amoang bills....

You could look for stores that sell second-hand phones that are still in good shape. Believe me, there are a lot of stores out there who sell such. It's cheaper than buying brand new ones. :)

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