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Sep 17, 2009

The Gift

After the day of our 1st Wedding anniversary. I did not go to work because I have work the whole week. And I don't feel so good, would rather to take a day off and rest the whole day at home. My Mahal surprised me with another gift. I can see from the houses here that they put flags of their nationality and the American flag. As a proud to be Filipino I was asking my Mahal on how much would it cost him, if I'll asked him to buy the Philippines Flag. He ask this to his supervisor and was surprise after our wedding day, his supervisor gave him this flag and so my Mahal gave these to me too. I was almost in tears of this gift. Mahal told me that his supervisor Tom gave it to us as our wedding anniversary. Isn't that so sweet? I know my Mahal were loved by his fellow workers and with his friends here. Now, I have to hang this flag inside the house and has to wait for the hook until my Mahal would finally find the one his been telling me.

Even though, I am living in this totally different country. The land of freedom and home of the brave, I would never ever forget where I came from and what raise I was, because no matter what would be the news or history of my country, I am still proud to be a Filipino.

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