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Sep 3, 2009

Eat All you can at Chinese Restaurant

Last Wednesday, September 02, 2009 while me and hubby were busy catching things up like buying grocery, and some errands I don't want to cook. So, we decided to eat outside in Chinese buffet. We have at least 4 Chinese buffet in our place, but unfortunately we don't have asian store alone.

I was really stuffed that gives me a heartburn after we ate. And one thing that I don't like too aside from eating all those delicious meals. My husband's fart stinks like hell!. Yes! just like hell. And I don't like it because I have to deal it the whole night. Until he shares it to his co-workers.

I'm glad that he only farted at least 4 times last night. But gives me headache when he do that.

2 freaking comments:

laina oi palautot jud diay kaau day.. hehe

Men have the tendency to have smellier farts. My dad and my brothers' farts smell so bad too, even if we didn't go Chinese for dinner.

Hope the fumes don't make you lose your mind. :D

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