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Sep 9, 2009

County Fair pictures

Some pictures I took during our visit to Erie County Fair last month. Together with our niece Mic. They enjoyed the rides, unfortunately I don't feel good that's why I'm not hesitant enough and dare to ride on rides.

The important is, we all have great times.

3 freaking comments:

hain man tawon ka dri day la man ka sa picture oi.. gi career na jud nimo imong pagka photographer day? hehe

sus day... sayang lagi oi... da wa ko makapapicture jud dre day kay wa ko kasabot sa akong gibati hastang inita.. labad akong ulo. wa ko kasabot.. hahaha sunod nlng nya puhon

Aww... they look so happy!
But too bad you weren't able to enjoy the rides yourself. :( Hope you feel better though.

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