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Aug 3, 2009

A Limo rides to see Leann Rimes Concert

Me and my brother in law were extremely excited for the incoming concert of Leann Rimes here. He planned everything because he knows that like him, I also like Leann Rimes songs and country music. The day has finally come, and waiting for our ride to the concert. He never tells until the White limousine stops by in front of their house to pick us up. Me, and my sister in law were really shocked. She couldn't come because she doesn't have a babysitter for her 1 yr old baby girl.

So, I called my husband and forced him to join us. Told him the Limo ride we have to see the concert. It was really a very nice ride and the first time ever I rode on a Limousine. It is fantastic, everyone has a great evening from the ride to the concert.

I will share you the Limousine and the inside the concert.

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It's really wonderful to start off a night in style! Especially if you plan to make it one of the most memorable! The limo looks really grand, it's a wonder people didn't line up for an autograph!

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