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Aug 18, 2009

Caring for your teeth

Months ago my tooth got broke. And good thing that it didn't hurt until now. I do admit that I can't afford to fix it here because I have no idea on how would it cost me to fixed this broken tooth. So, I'm pretty much careful that I won't make this broken tooth even worst. Although sometimes if I brush my teeth it's kinda sensitive to reach that part.

Yesterday, while I'm on my lunch. My dearest friend even texted me that her tooth broke too. Like me she's scared because she know it would cost a fortune if she will decided to fix it here. So I told her to wait until she goes home in Philippines in about 3 months from now. That might be still a long time but time flies so fast we wouldn't notice that its already after 3 months.

So, while chatting with her when I got home I also search online on how to protect and care for your teeth. I have found about this MI Paste Plus. I'm not sure about this dental product that's why I research further. They have oral b triumph 9950 with smartguide and Day white on how to take care of your teeth. So I shared this information to my friend and hopefully that she'll bring back those smiles on her face with a strong and great teeth.

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