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Aug 14, 2009

14 Weeks and counting

Yes, my pregnancy is already on its 14 weeks. Excited for my next sonogram because I can finally see my baby inside me again. The first time we saw the baby, it was really fascinating and I almost cry for happiness. Haven't found out the gender yet but hopefully next time it won't move too much so we'll find out the gender.

Everyone is battling of what they want for gender, I don't mind if its a boy or a girl. But we will see.

3 freaking comments:

Hi Novs...

Obviously I have not been here in a long long long time! I'm super happy for you kasi you're expecting pala!

Here's hoping for a healthy well as an easy one.

Ate J

good for u sis! i know the feeling of being excited to know the gender. but like u, i didn't mind the gender before. for as long as the baby is healthy.

take extra care!

goodluck!! hope for a healthy baby

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