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Jul 13, 2009

Is it Hormones? or just bored, tired or maybe lazy

That's how complicated I am feeling right now. I am not like this ever! Maybe my hormones? Or just bored, or tired or even lazy to the everyday life. I know I should be very thankful because the first job that I applied hired me right away. But not until my hormones change. I don't feel so good, I hate going to work because it boreds me more even if it is freaking busy outhere during Monday's and Tuesdays. But still, I just want to sit at home and rest, I wish I could do that, but unfortunately now that we are expecting I have to help my husband to save in order to have enough money in the future especially when we have our baby born.

Oh well, I must defeat this emotions or hormones in order to survive. But sometimes it is just way to complicated.

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Hi, Novah. I think the reason you're bored, lazy and tired caused by hormones. I also get bored of having to do the usual stuff everyday, that's why I do something different (like cut my hair) LOL.

I also worked when I was 5 months pregnant, and I really fell asleep during work. My boss was very considerate. At least I sleep in the bank while waiting for my turn. LOL

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