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Jun 10, 2009

What's in your Recipe?

Recently, I am kinda busy when it comes to listing down all the foods that we need to buy for us within two weeks. I have to make sure that I won't be able to forget a single item or food that way, in order for both of me and my husband not to waste time and gas to go back to the store. From the food to the need things for the house that's what I have put in my long list.

And when me and my husband is in the store, we both rather to buy bulk purchasing because that helps us save more. That is also one good advantage for the reason that buying in a bulk way gives you a lot of that item to keep than just buying little by little.

So, while strolling and looking for some foods and home products, I was thinking of buying a Whey Protein for my husband. I want him to put this whey protein in his food hoping to help him gain more weight. A friend of mine, give a piece of advice regarding the whey protein, I told my husband about it although my husband insisted that he already tried whey protein before but still didn't helped him gain more weight.

Hopefully this time it will work out for him.

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