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Jun 4, 2009

What I'm buying for my Father

I have been planning to send a gift for my father on the incoming Father's Day Celebration. Since, I am too far away to be with him and the rest of my family. I guess sending out a gift for him would be one great idea. But, I don't have any idea for now, this is one of my greatest fear, finding a gift for a Man. Certainly I can not find something that would make my father think of me every time he will be using this gift.

So, while browsing online, I came across to a watches website that gives me the hint to surf and hopefully that I will be able to find one. Took me awhile to find one until, I found this amazing Seiko Dive. The moment I have seen this in the website it captures my eyes and it is like someone is telling me to buy that item for my father.

I never hesitated read details for more and asked my hubby to pay the bill for the meantime. Now, the only thing for me to do with these watch is to make sure that I send this to the Philippines before Father's Day celebration. And I really do hope that it won't take that long. Since I choose a faster freight to ship this gift.

I am so glad that I have visit, for they really help me find a perfect gift for me father on his very one year special Celebration, The Father's Day.

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