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Jun 22, 2009


That's one of my friend call when you walk every day towards work. I mentioned that I walk towards work and I enjoyed it because I could see the world before I will be able to be trapped into a four walls in the office. Aside from seeing the whole world, I am also excited to keep seeing the squirrel that plays alot on the side of the road. Which I assume don't scared with people. I passed it by many times but yet it still continue playing on the ground.

I wonder what else I could see while my walkathon.

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ahh! squirrels are so cute,novah! have seen a lot here in sweden. hope i can finally cuddle one. hehe.

i love to walk to school, too everyday... exercise... good for the heart!

by the way, i have a new blog hope we can also exchange links with my new blog.


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