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Jun 3, 2009

Summer and it is Mosquito again

Since mosquito don't survive in the cold winter I don't see any of the pesky mosquito in the place lately, not until Summer. I remember when I got here first and that was summer, I never thought that this county where I am living now don't have an existing mosquito and I was wrong!

Me and my hubby visited his best buddies house one Summer afternoon, and while sitting outside I suddenly feel an itchy part of my leg. And I do know if I am bitten by a mosquito because it will create a bulk and it is really itchy. Then, a big mosquito passed by flying in front of me. That was really a shocking feeling because in my country before our mosquito were super little that you won't be able to see unless you'll really take a good look at it. And here, it was super big!

Now, I have an idea on what to give to my hubby's friend on his birthday, a mosquito traps, he surely needed it especially now that he got two kids in the house and loves to play outside. Hope that will really help him out on trapping those pesky mosquito.

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