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Jun 20, 2009

My Collection

Sometimes perfumes are very expensive and even if it. Perfume is one of my collection since way back in Philippines and that didn't stopped me when I move here in the USA. I go gaga over perfumes and love to receive different fragrance from friends as well. I usually purchase a small bottle of a nice perfumes and then keep it in my locker.

While surfing online, I came across to and I was really excited to see the different discount perfume they offer in their website. I browsed for more if I could find at least one discounted famous perfume and I did. Fortunately, I found JADORE, I love the bottle shape of the perfume as well as the discount that is offer for it which is affordable for me.

I was very excited and bought one online. I didn't told my husband for purchasing a new perfume because he doesn't like me collecting perfumes. And I don't know why, but now that I got a discount for buying JADORE, I will never let it pass. Now, I have a new addition perfume for my collection. And I can't wait to receive my perfume and to explore more of the different fragrance have.

All I have to do is wait it in the mail. If you like to buy discounted perfumes, check out they have a lot of discount offers not only for women perfume but also for men. So for your husband, boyfriend or brother you can buy them one without spending too much from

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Wow, your collection is pretty expensive, huh? Christian Dior perfumes really are great smelling. My mom once had a Dior perfume, and it was the best perfume I've ever smelled. :)

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