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Jun 18, 2009

Our little Bible Bearer

When you see kids walking down the aisle by themselves, it looks funny and super cute right? So, that’s what happened to one my super cuties nephew Andrei. This event was still the same as what I mentioned in my past entry “HE’S THE RING BEARER”. Confident enough was expected again on this 2 years old kiddo. Turns out to be NOT…

Again, my brother [the father] walked down the aisle with him just to start the Wedding Ceremony. I can’t wait to see what it looks like on the video. Yup, still eagerly waiting for the taped event of the Wedding and I’m super excited.

Anyhow, Andrei and Harvey were siblings. They adorable and cute and sweet, so I’m sure it’s worth it that they just got shy to walk alone towards the altar.

And at the age of 2, you can’t expect much yet. That’s why he is our adorable little Bible Bearer.

Thanks for reading!

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