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Jun 5, 2009

Our Ben 10

Do you know the new popular Cartoon in Cartoon Network? If not, I’ll give you one of them. Ben 10, sounds familiar? Yup, I assumed you guess it. That is one of my nephew’s favorite cartoon series in Cartoon Network. Before I left Philippines, until now and I can see that Ben Tenesse [the HERO] who has 10 alien characters thru his Watch now evolves and become teenager lately. Not only that, Ben has also more than 10 alien characters into his watch now. If you follow the series certainly you’ll know what I’m talking about. If not, try watching BEN 10 in Cartoon Network.

So, back to my nephew, I could still remember he wouldn’t miss a single show in Cartoon Network when it comes into Ben 10. It was funny because he imitates or a 3-4 year old child certainly will create his own world.

It was just funny, because one day his mother bought him some WATCH that really cost a lot. And I mean a lot for his birthday. And when we observed him, his totally have his own world.

It’s just amazing that a kid sometimes creates their own world in order to imitate to become a hero or do something that attracts them most. Of course, a parent’s guidance should always be present. So they won’t be going into a wrong path.

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