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Jun 25, 2009

My Dried Fish arrives

I mentioned that I'm craving for a dried fish and couldn't even stop talking nor thinking about it. Until, I purchase online thru a very reliable website. Message me and I will give you the website. After three days of waiting, a postman knocked our door this afternoon, just a perfect timing for my lunch. It was my dried fish in the box. I immediately, grabbed the box, opened it and took the Danggit dried Fish and fry it. My cravings has finally answered. And I am enjoying every single bit of my Danggit dried fish, dipped it in salt and vinegar as well.

I still got tons of dried fish stored, I make sure that I won't abuse to keep eating just dried fish. By the way, my husband love it too. See, lucky for me I just go ahead and fry it share with him without him bitching about the smell of it.

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