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Jun 18, 2009


I remember my friend moved from one place to the other. And to think of how hassle it would be for all the family to pack all the things. Makes sure that it is all sealed up in order to protect things and furniture from breaking. I could still remember how hassle it was for her and her job too. Good thing that after days and days of packing all their stuff. They finally find a moving truck that would secure them that all their things will never be harm from the travel.

I even asked her how much moving cost and she mentioned that it is worth it. For the reason that all their stuff were unharmed when they finally reach their new place. She even gave me the website where I can check out myself, just in case I know someone who will move out or if me and my husband will move out from New York state.

It is really convenient that we do know someone who have tried the service of a company. Because that is just one great confident for those who will trust there things and precious furniture to get to the new place without any harm caused.

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