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Jun 27, 2009

I need a new computer

Yes, since I got here I have been telling my husband to buy a new computer. But he was hesitant because his old desktop still works great, it's just that sometimes if you want to watch movies or videos online. It keeps freezing and super slow to the max. Nowadays, we have to be more practical since we know about the world's economy crisis. Save..Save..Save as much as we can, used those thing that we could still use as works good.

Maybe I am just too impatience because I have been wanting to watch movies or video clips online and I just can't do it. Hopefully from the money that I save, I will be able to have extra in order to buy my own laptop. I can't wait for that.

2 freaking comments:

dami opps mo dito sis so in due time, u can buy laptop na for urself. (",)

Lynn: I have the money na jud with me kay nakasave na jud ko due sa akong panarbaho dre ug part time intawon... pero thinking nga naa pay mas priority jud nga ningabot..have to save in the future.. later nlng tingali ang laptop ug dako na jud akong extra nga income... hay kinabuhi sa pobre.. heheheh...

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