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Jun 5, 2009

I am looking for a good supplement

That is right, recently I am reading from magazines to websites to television about getting a good supplement not for me but for me husband. Due to the nature of his work, I must give him some supplement that would help him gain more strength and he won't be tireful when he got home from work. And after all the researching I found beta glucan these supplement is a natural immune booster and cholesterol lowering supplement that significantly lower your cholesterol levels and reduce your heart disease risk with this powerful source of soluble fiber.

Now the only thing that I can do before I purchase these supplement is to ask for my husband's opinion. I don't want to buy something that in the end he won't agree and ends up not taking it. It would be a great idea to lead him into the website in order to read everything what beta glucan's advantage for him.

2 freaking comments:

I take Vitamin B for energy. You can also get a Vitamin B shot from a doctor.
Your husband can try protein drinks. Whey or Soy. Add it to fruit smoothies or get the flavored ones and just blend it with milk.
Good luck!

BILLIE: My hubby tries the idea of whey and soy already, but nothing happens, i am not sure what's going on with his system or maybe his metabolism just work fast... thanks for the idea and for the comment...

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