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Jun 3, 2009

Hubby gets a Hummingbird Feeder for his birthday...

That is right! My hubby's birthday was last month of May, we celebrated it during our Memorial Day since it is a Holiday and everyone has no work. We have a barbeque outside the house and since we also have a wonderful weather that time we makes sure that we enjoyed the food, weather and my hubby's birthday advance celebration.

Our neighbor have put a hummingbird feeder at their backyard and from where we are I could see and listen to the hummingbird passed by and eat from the feeder that was in their backyard. And I love the hummingbird feeder it is because it gives attraction to the bird because of the free food they get. So, while my mother in law was asking me what to give to my hubby, I shared her one time that my hubby was planning to buy a hummingbird feeder and also put it in our backyard to attract the humming bird and comes into our backyard and get some food.

When my hubby opened his gift for his mother, it was the hummingbird feeder. We are happy for that knowing that this humming birds were only coming in our place once in awhile because they flew from one place to another where they can survive the weather temperature.

I was happy because now, I can see this amazing hummingbirds visits our backyard and get some hummingbird food where we put it.

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