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Jun 16, 2009

He’s the Ring Bearer

The first time he walked on the aisle was him being the Ring Bearer. I mentioned about my brother’s wedding last February 14, 2009. Nice date huh, the Hearts Day. So, while during the practice they make sure the he’ll walk on the aisle by himself. They [my brother and SIL] were confident enough about him to walk alone. The funny thing was, he never did, maybe because kids tend to shy when they see so many people in the place/church. So, to make the story short, it ended up that my SIL walked with him down the aisle so that the ceremony will start.

Sometimes, kids got so confident that they think and you think [parents] they can do it by themselves. Hence, we are wrong, sometimes when the time comes, their mood changes and shy, as things gets just messy [not negatively speaking] but, do certain things [just like being a Ring Bearer] together with the parents. Not to mention, Harvey is only 3-4 yrs old.

What do you expect?

Thanks for reading!

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ka cute! yogi will be my bro's ring bearer. can't wait to see him wearing tux.

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