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Jun 4, 2009

Fried Tuna with Egg

One of the favorite seafood that I love to eat is TUNA FISH. When I moved here, I brought with me a box of Tuna Can from the Philippines and without any hindrance in the custom department. I went through the whole flight until I brought all 24 pcs. Tuna cans here in New York. I am glad I did that why? Because tuna cans here is way too expensive. I got this for free in Philippines and I don't even pay for excess luggage in plane.

And I made my one favorite Tuna with Egg. Fry it and enjoyed eating with hot rice as well. My hubby loves it and I am glad that he loves seafood too just like me.

4 freaking comments:

hi there..your fried tuna w/ egg made me hungry..hehehe. it's my favorite as the way, care to exchange links with me?

wow, that looks yummy!

tuna & egg is really yummy... I like this as well :)

hmmm tuna and egg is one of our favorite whether on rice or egg. yummy!

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