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Jun 19, 2009

Crazy Crossing

Almost one year for me here in the US, I have experience the crazy crossing just this week. You would believe and I must share these with you in order to let out this experience out in my chest. Okay, I do mention that I walk towards work. One of the things I adhere the most is crossing the street, even when I was still in Philippines.

Moreover, I was on the busiest intersection part of the street. And if I keep waiting for the signs of WALK appear, I’ll definitely be late. Although the WALK signs were already flashed yet it was only like 1 minute. And all this cars crossing, now the DON’T WALK sign appears and the street is clear, I RAN to cross the street and I don’t care, but I was really scared after realizing that a HUGE truck is approaching during that time.

The good thing is that, I wasn’t late for work and the bad thing is that I look awful during that time. I cross the street which makes me look like some kind of ****. Hoping that would be that last thing I’ll be doing, I do feel awkward afterwards.

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