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Jun 23, 2009

Craving for Dried Fish

It is very difficult when you live in a totally different world, not your own country. Because you'll crave something that is extraordinary to the place and less than 50% chance if you could actually find a food or things you want to buy or crave for.

After 1 year of not eating my favorite Pinoy dish which is dried fish, I starts to crave like really bad. I went online to check through the online Phil-Am store and voolah! I finally found Danggit and Sapsap. Without any hesitation, I purchase 5 of each and it took me to pay over $40.45 plus the shipping and handling of 9.26. Hahahaha, I just I don't care how much it would cost me as long as I'll be able to finally eat dried fish.

If only it is not that difficult for my family to ship dried fish from Philippines through here. I will keep asking them to ship me and definitely pay for everything.

Now, I need to wait for maybe a week before my purchase to arrive. And I just can't wait to eat dried fish...

3 freaking comments:

Just dropping by!

sis, wa diay filipino store diha? wish i can give u some. mao amo sudan ganina. hahaha!

if i have a chance one day padal-an ta ka bulad Nova...

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