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May 28, 2009

What a Shocked for me

That's what I felt, after I opened these blog today. I have noticed that my ratings in Google definitely strikes a higher point. I was amazed to check out the ratings and went into PR3, it all started when this blog doesn't have any rank before. I don't mind about it, instead continue to share updates from my family way back in Philippines and other things that I would like to share here.

I was really happy to see that it moved up higher and hopefully that it'll continue moving up. Way to go ANGELS IN MY LIFE!!!! It is really the best! From PRO, moved into PR2, and now it was on the PR3 ratings.. Awesome huh!!! I'm loving it..
For those bloggers who make this ratings possible. Thank you so much for the continues visit in my page, I will make sure that once you visit these blog, leave comment or even drop me some Ecard. I will rest assure that it'll be paid back. My apology for the past few days, I was just very busy with work. Thank you all!

8 freaking comments:

you deserve it girl... hope you are well now

congrats for your PR3 dear, and thanks for stopping by my blog. I have added you in my blogroll. :)

holler me back if you have added me as well. ^_^

keep it up!

Wow congrats! Keep up the good work!

@Gorgeous Mum: Thanks for the appreciation.... thanks for keep coming...

@PRETTYMOM: Thanks rosey, i'm doing fine now, yet still got some snot...but finally recovered...

@MARICEL: Thanks for the patience dear, got took me awhile to visit you back, i was super busy and don't have enough time to check out my blog....

@ARK: thank you so much for your appreciation...

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Thank you for spending time to give out your perspective towards my entry. I really appreciate it and would rest assure you that I'll be going to visit your page as well and leave you comment as you have done for my page...


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