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May 25, 2009

I'm Sick

After almost a year on my stay here in US. I never got flu nor get sick, until this recent week. Yup, since I got out of the house and been exposed into crowded places I got sick but not as serious as what you think. The sudden change of weather here from the winter season which freezes me to death, into the spring then summer in a month. My body finally reacts the abnormal changes of the weather. Well, since I used to a two season in a tropical country and moved to a place where there is no only two season but four.

Eventually, my body gives up and this is the reason why I have cough, cold and migraine once in a while. I adhere being sick and I am sure nobody likes it too.

Hopefully that through the medicine that I have been taking I'll get well soon. Aacchooo!!! Excuse Me!!!

4 freaking comments:

May God Bless you and heal you. May this flu not complicate into something serious. I pray In Jesus Name!

sorry to hear this, sis. get well soon!

@Mikes: thanks for that, lately i've been healing though....

@Lynn: thanks sis, i'm trying to make sure that it won't get worst.. taking meds helps a little to make me feel better....

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