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May 14, 2009

I can’t get through Yahoo Messenger

This morning, my Yahoo Messenger is acting odd. Last night was the last time I could sign in and chatted to some of my friends online. And then, today I couldn’t sign in for some reason. So, I decided to log in using, sometimes this website helps a lot especially to get connected to your online buddies even if you’re at work. And I am not saying to stay online and chat while you’re working you might get fired because of my idea. Just do it in a right way.

Going back to where I can’t get through this yahoo messenger. I couldn’t figure out yet why? They have this updated version that might cause the interruption of signing in, but I ain’t upgrading mine. I’m fine with this version, at the same time the more you upgrade the more gigabytes it consume your hard drive.

Anticipates fixing this today without updating it into the latest version, because if that happens, it really sucks!!!! What about you’re Yahoo Messenger? Are they acting odd recently too?

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