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May 4, 2009

Entrecard Top 10, Month of April 2009

My thousand thanks for these bloggers, who give so much effort to keep coming back to my page. Even though the lack of visiting them back isn't comparable. So to show how much happy and grateful I am to them, I WANT TO EXPRESS MY THANK YOU through here to the following gracious bloggers;

Youth Care 29
My so-called Life 28
Our Journey to Forever 26
Are You Hungry? 24
Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons 21
Blogs With Wings 21
Bible Examples 20
The Main Ingredient 20
Entrecard SEO 19

9 freaking comments:

apil pud ko diri. yey! lol. thanks again, sis.

wala ko apil diri..huhuhu..
congrats to all top droppers!

kanus-a kaha ko maapil diri hehhhe

hey never visited this blog yet. Nice layout Nova.. Have I linked this on my blog?

Beyond The Rave Reality, Computer and Electronics, Money Online Thoughts

Lynn: you deserve it.. thanks for keep coming back...

Twinks: sige lng, basin diay next time, diba?

Momgen: hmmmm.. maybe soon? keep coming back lagi.. hehehe

Anneberly: I think i have linked this your blogs here, not sure if you did in to yours, hehehe .thanks anne...

Nice blog. Thanks for including me: Bible Examples

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