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Apr 27, 2009

Does she likes Tito Jeff's tape collection?

Check out my cute little nice Madi she's only 8 months old but she's pretty curious kid. I babysit her once in awhile and I'm happy to teach her Filipino Language. Yes, her mom actually told me to talk to her in Filipino language, that way she'll understand me sometime.

She would actually look at the camera when you say her name. Isn't she so adorable and cute? Love her so much aside from my other niece and nephews back in Philippines too.

4 freaking comments:

she's really adorable sis. unta magka anak pud kog girl ingun-ana ka cute. hehe. cute sis! nah, inana na age mgstart na sila maging curious, makalingaw naa baby ay...hehehe

She is so adorable! I think it's wonderful you are teaching her Filipino! Never to young to learn!

OMG, she is a cutie!
btw, I want to thank you for stopping by my blog and dropping EC. Thank you!

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