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Mar 12, 2009

Sun's Ray in the house

So, another Friday has come and it is time to take out all the pictures we captured within the day to share. I feel super happy when finally the winter will be ended soon. I can feel the warmer weather here. Although sometimes it still snowed. But I am glad that we have a Sunny Day one time, immediately I took my camera out and took a shoot of what it looks like inside the house when it hits by the ray of the sun.

25 freaking comments:

Beautiful and very original for SW!!

Let the sun shine in!

I love how you captured the sky in your house with the warm rays.

How clever of you to capture the sky coming in through your window. ;-)

Beautiful Nova. Artistic ang dating, glad you have some sunny days.

Great idea for a skywatch shot, I love it.

Have a great weekend!
Regina In Pictures

Wonderful shot, love the colours.

It is great to have the warm sun comming into the house, it is days like this that I can open the sunroom door.

Now this is an idea I would have not thought of and I like the colors and the sunlight and shadows. Wonderful.

Very nice and very different.

that's a really cool and beautiful shot!


I can truly appreciate this image as I also love when the sun's rays warm the indoors after a long cold cats would be in the line of those warm rays taking it all in!
Sunkissed in the Arizona desert..NG

Wow! You've brought the view inside. Fantastic.

I agree - fantastic! Happy weekend!

Unique SW photo. Yeah for sunshine!

Great ideia for a sky watch shot!!!
Very criative take...
I'm glad you have some sunny days...I love Sunny days!!!
Happy weekend...

nice photo you got her sister, thanks for always dropping by

nice shot nov...i like the color too:-)

sis i have something for you in this link

nice shot u have here, sis!

been here friend visiting, bago mo blog>??

Hi guaps! add this link already, take care..

so nice! good capture. =)

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