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Mar 19, 2009

Spring Weather

Just pause and take a good look of how wonderful sky would be when Winter is over. Yup, I must tell you I was so happy to go outside of the house and explore the new weather. A great Spring Season keeps me jolly and here I am sharing it with you.

Courtesy from SKY WATCH FRIDAY

14 freaking comments:

Wonderful to see the blue skies! Happy SWF!

Your weather looks fantastic, great photos.

Have a great weekend!
Regina In Pictures

Ah, Spring,
any sign is welcome!

Wonderful blue spring skies!

glad you have lots of blue skies now Nova, and you are now having spring weather.

by the way, when i went to your other site (history of supernova), i can not open it for some reason :( it says the site has malware and my laptop wont let me open it.

The sky is as blue as it is here! Wonderful! Happy SWF!

Beautiful pictures!

Lovely,clear skies you've been having - happy spring!

TGIF - w00t! :)
Tink *~*~*

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Retail Therapy Skies Over Fort Myers, Florida

These are beautiful clear blue skies indeed! Happy SWF :)

your becoming a pro in photography, novs.

Nice clear photos you got there. Btw, got something for you in my blog. Just check it out when you're free. :)

Beautiful blue skies. Nice to see after the gray of winter. I like the four seasons, but it is always nice to see the return of spring with the blue skies.

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