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Mar 9, 2009

Songs we used to sing.. Duet

I had mentioned here in the earlier post that I and my lil brother loves to sing duet songs and we do blended perfectly. Now, to revealed those songs we used to sing was, Evanescence-BRING ME TO LIFE, Regine& Ogie-HANGGANG NGAYON, Pops& The Band-BAKIT NGAYON KA LANG, ENDLESS LOVE, Mariah Carey-I’LL BE THERE…. and so much more..

I could’ve mentioned it all here but I don’t want to make this post looks crowded because of the song title.

Hence, I missed those days. And I can’t wait for that new day to come.

Thanks for reading!

6 freaking comments:

I love and sing these songs, too.Mga videoke singers diay, ta, lol.

kamo na lang sa imo bana pag duet, sis. o diba sweet? :)

aw nice songs :)

-na sis, feeling jud ko when we sing it together ay... hilig jud kaayog video-k

-hay, ambot lang te lynn, paningkamutan nga magtuno akong bana.. hahahaha... bad ko noh

yup, i love it...

wow ako pod ganahan ko kaayo mokanta labina sa videoke hhehe. Ganhan ko ana I'll be there pod. gakantahan pod ko sa amo church usahay pero if naa filipino get together na di gyd pwede mouli nga di kakanta...

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