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Mar 24, 2009

Hearing the sounds from the background

While talking to a family member in Philippines, I was overwhelmed of the noise that I used to experience when I was there. But seems things has to change for me here, I don’t hear any noisy cries, laughing or fighting of my small cutie niece and nephews because of some certain toys or gadgets.

While listening to them as a family member needs to put down the phone for a while, I heard my 3 years old nephew who is singing for victory. I mean, he actually knows how to play broadwar or starcarft, online games without anybody’s behind him.

It brings smile on my face while he kept singing for a victory words. With great sound combining to it, I love it, oh. He doesn’t know that I was just around to hear him.

Oh, the sounds from the background really missed me to come back to my hometown. And I just can’t wait.

Thanks for reading!

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