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Mar 1, 2009

February 2009, Top 10 Entrecard droppers

I wonderful appreciation to these TOP 10 Entrecard droppers who has the highest drops in my blog. I would like to give an appreciation to the bloggers who spent time to dropped by and give me some credits. I do really appreciate your effort.

4 freaking comments:

Thanks sa linky love...

asa naman akong link dinhi. wa lagi koy apil.waaaa..heheheh joke joke joke.unsa ug pag apil na way drop2x.hehehe alangan ibutang.hehehe

bitaw salamat ug cgeg labay sa akong balay.

hapit na to mag 10 years na pouch unya gigamit lang gihapon sa ko sister bisan hugpaw na kaayog color hehehe.


Woohoo.. go top droppers!!

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