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Mar 30, 2009


This isn't a movie that I'll tackle today. It is a plan of changing my template from one FREE template that I happen to find online. I find it nice and so I am changing this one maybe a couple of days of next week. I anticipate that you'll still enjoy the new layout on the page and continue visiting me inspite of the changes.

4 freaking comments:

hi Nov, I am not very good with lay-outing, so, any changes I appreciate the owner since I know it is a lot of work. Good for you that you can change your lay out and template when you like it.

very angelic colour...sweet too.

-I think, I am not as good as other designer, i just have to give it a shot though, well see if i like the outcome. it should be angelic that way it will fit into my theme.

-thanks i know, but have to try to be innovative...

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