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Feb 6, 2009

What are your Fortune Cookies says?

One night, we ate in an eat all you can Chinese Buffet here for a change. And after the great heavy meal, the crew gave us some Fortune Cookies that I like the most. I have never tried having Fortune Cookies before even when I was in Philippines; dine to a Chinese restaurant and no fortune cookies given to us before we leave the place.

I find it interesting because sometimes, it guessed what’s really into you. Although, nothing knows what might be a person’s future.

Moreover, at home we opened and eat the rest of the cookies and found out what’s inside our own fortune cookies:

Mine states as: YOU ARE TRULY SMART…

Funny isn’t it, but pretty much interesting. Anticipates for another great meal of eat all you can dinner in Chinese Buffet Restaurant.



3 freaking comments:

hi Nova, I remember one of my students told me it is a "psychological booster cookie" since it makes us feel better, like, telling us we are smart, or we find beauty in our friends, or love ones, etc.

on the other hand i laughed out loud at what your bana got, hehehehe, indeed, we should be glad always for our great meal eh? hehehe

sometimes fortune cookies made sense but some are not. for the ones that i like, i keep them. now i have a bunch of them. hehe

-LOL, i was talking to him and teasing him the whole day about his fortune cookies, you should see his face turns into..

-good for you chel, i throw ours away after i wrote this entry here... lol....

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