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Feb 23, 2009

Blended so well…

That’s me and my Lil Brother when we sing duet in a Video-Karaoke. We do blended so well in just any kind of song we picked. And I missed those times, I could remember when there is an occasion or celebration in the house a Video-Karaoke is no longer that unusual for us.

Before and after the celebration starts, Videok-K is already installed and ready to use for those who want to keep singing. It’s kinda still fresh in my memory that I and my lil brother was always the last person to sing until it reaches us around 2am. We can sing as many songs as we can, as long as nobody’s going to sshhss us.

Not only that, we love it more because we blended so well, as if we’re the original singers on the certain songs. I missed that a lot, as we have move on with our own lives’ I’m sure those memories will never be forgotten.

I anticipate that someday, when the whole family gets together again, we’ll be able to do it just like when we were younger.


7 freaking comments:

oi ka cute sa imong novah na name ba. flower jud instead of letter o. unique.

thanks so comment ug sa visit.

nadugay kog approve sa comment nimo kay nabisi ug kurikuri. bisi unya way kita. have a nice week!

labay ko dire sister! musta man ang ato life diha? as for me busy intawon ko ug watching movie online. ambut oi gi sapot man ko, wa lagi ko bisita sa uban na blog

hilig pud diay ka videoke sis? apir ta diha! hehe.

Ako ug akong manghod nga babae kay hilig sad mi mag-duet makaraoke man o gitara. Pero mga yabag lang mi, dili pareha nimo sa imong little brother nga maayo ang blending, hehee. Namingaw hinuon ko sa akong mga igsoon dah!

sis! parang ang tagal ko nawala ah,,,di ko yata alam itong isang blog mo na ito. Oh well, at least now i know you have another one.

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